The Crackle of a Fire

ImageIn the Mountains of NC there are just some things that are so simple, but so enjoyable. One of those things is the crackle of an open fire, whether that fire is sitting beneath the hearth warming the faces of a family, or dancing to the beat of a campfire jam session under the stars. The fire that I am talking about is fueled by harvested wood, not from a propane tank sitting outside, there is a huge difference between these two types of fires. the difference is not necessarily the quality of heat that they provide, but the unmatched ambiance that is created from a wood fueled fire.

In the Appalachian mountains today there are not as many homes solely heated by an open wood fire anymore, most homes have an alternate source of heat to accompany their fireplace. However, there is still something about sitting back, relaxing, starring at dancing flames while enjoying the company of those around you that needs to experienced by all. You may not understand why you would want to lite a fire in the home you are going to have to sleep in later, most people try to avoid such situations, and if you are not comfortable with controlling a fire then make sure there is someone there who is.

Marshmallows turning golden brown, hands being warmed, stories being told, hot chocolate and coffee simmering, and smiles being shared are just some of the great things that come along with the crackle of a fire. We hope that you will get to experience this simple gift at some point, and really have time to take in the amazing ambiance that is created when you combine oxygen, fuel, and heat!

We will see you in the mountains soon!

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