Best 5 Things About Thanksgiving in the Mountains

BrysonLightsIt’s that time of year now and holiday craziness and is spreading like wildfire across the homes of the mountains as families scramble to get everything ready for visitors or get ready for braving the crowds and travel across the country. We will be staying in the beautiful Mountains of NC this season and we are so thankful for so many things we wanted to share with you all just a few of those things before we forget what this time of year is really all about.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we could not be more ready to enjoy some time off and time with family while chowing down on something us southerners know really well, and that is some good home cooked Thanksgiving food. However, Thanksgiving is not only about the food, it is about being thankful for many things, which we sometimes tend to forget about as we go right in to thinking about Christmas presents and Black Friday sales. Below are what we consider The Best 5 Things About Thanksgiving in the Mountains!

1. Family Traditions: The mountains of North Carolina are steeped heavily in traditions that have been passed down from generations to generation. We know that there are other parts of the country that also value family traditions, but none quite as special as the mountains. With the rich heritage of the southern Appalachians instilled in almost every home across the mountainsides we know that there will be great time spent enjoying family and time together, knowing this gives the entire area a warm and thankful feel that even the visitors can sense.

2. No Traffic: Yes, we may be considered to be out in the middle of nowhere by some, however, we believe that being located out here provides us with an unexplainable peace that only those who live here know about. The fact that the only days that we really have to fret about traffic is July 4th, Halloween, and the Christmas Parade is pretty special. We believe that this low amount of holiday traffic leads to less stress and happier people all across the mountains. If you are looking for some good traffic to sit in though just head to Asheville on any particular day and you will get you fill.

3. Cozy Cabins: There is nothing quite like spending Thanksgiving with all of your family and friends in a warm and cozy cabin sitting on the side of the mountain with smoke rolling out of the chimney, a warm glow coming from the light reflecting off of the wood throughout the house, and a view overlooking the never-ending layers of mountains. Thnaksgiving in a mountains cabin or cottage is something special, and you may not ever know how special this is until you experience it for yourself.

4. Cutting Your Own Christmas Tree: Thanksgiving day is not only known for eating lots of great food, but it is also known as the day when families should all go together and pick out there Christmas tree and them come back and get to decorating it. However, in most places across the country picking out your Christmas tree means going to the closest tree lot of grocery store and getting a tree. Here in the Mountains we prefer to drive out right to the farm and hike through the forest of trees, taking in the wonderful smell around us and pick out a tree that is just right for us. Then the tree is cut right in front of you and carried back down to your car and prepped for you to take home. This is an experience that every family should have together at least once because it is a memory that you will never forget.

5. Cold Weather and Snow: Nothing makes getting cozy with family in your cabin better than cold weather and a chance of snow. The cold weather chills us to the bone and makes the warm hugs of welcoming friends and family all the better. A dusting of snow brings an excitement that only snow can bring, there is just some kind of cheer that is spread throughout the air when it snows. We are not talking about the kind of snow that inhibits travel, we are talking about the just enough to dust the ground and not enable travel on the roads.

These are the 5 best things about Thanksgiving in the mountains in our opinion and we know you probably have your own reasons why Thanksgiving where you are is the best, but we love the mountains of NC and we just wanted to share with you just another reason why. If you are looking to come to the mountains for the holidays look into renting a cabin from Yellow Rose Realty! Thanks for reading, and we wish you a thankful Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!


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