Autumn Solstice

1453352_10151934561347107_318920789_nThe end of September marks the official end of summer. The kids have all gone back to school. Tourists end their summer vacations. Things start to quiet down just a little, but this is only the calm before a storm of beautiful fall colors.

Every year western North Carolina sees a large influx in tourists we like to refer to as “leaf-lookers”.  Taking a drive for the weekend or using their fall breaks  to view the changing of the leaves. As nights chill and days cool to a comfortable temperature, autumn settles in. The trees begin a wonderful display that brings people from all over the country to drive through the Smoky Mountain National Park and up the Blue Ridge Parkway. The bright yellows of the tulip polar and daring reds of the sugar maple amid sunburst oranges of the oak  brighten the tree lines and mountain ridges.

Mid-October marks the peak of the color, so start planning your fall trip now. There’s no better way to enjoy a wonderful autumn morning than to wake up in a western North Carolina mountain cabin.

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