Burningtown Music Fest

10505026_887348961293398_5353315234141783751_o(1)Burningtown Music Festival is in its second year and the line up has more than doubled from last year! It is gathering of like-minded Christian people seeking to connect with both God and man through Music, Art, and Community. Real people coming together to share real stories and real love in a safe environment for reflection, growth, and relaxation.

The festival site is located in The Nantahala National Forest in the Burningtown Township of Macon County, North Carolina.  The grounds offer a beautiful mountain setting perfect for communing with God and man through nature.

Admission is FREE and overnight camping is available. Donations are gladly accepted.

Happening this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, September 13 & 14th. A family friendly event.Bring your kids! Bring your friends! Bring your hula hoops and hammocks! It’s a festivus for the rest of us!

Check their website for more details about the bands and directions.


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