The Road to Nowhere


It’s the story of a road that was going to be built so you could drive from Bryson City straight through to Tennessee. But more than that, it was going to be a way for families to get to their property and family cemeteries made inaccessible by the flooding and creation of Lake Fontana. The road was started in the 1940’s to replace the flooded Highway 288 that passed through the towns of Proctor and Hazel Creek, which were also flooded. Only eight miles in, construction was stopped due to environmental issues. The road is now a scenic drive into the Smokies with views of Fontana. That road ends at a parking lot and a tunnel you can walk through before opening up to hiking trails that follow the north shore of Fontana Lake. This also makes a really great place for spooky evening hikes. The tunnel carries echoes and cool breezes though the mountain. Test your courage and try it without a flash light.

To read more about the story of Lakeview Drive, or The Road To Nowhere, click here.

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