Oconaluftee Visitor Center

2014-06-091The Oconaluftee Visitor Center is located in Cherokee, NC on highway 441 as it enters the Great Smoky Mountain Park.  The visitor center contains a  wealth of knowledge about the history of the area. Inside, along with a gift shop and museum, you will find friendly National Park employees ready to answer any questions you may have. Outside, you’ll find more than just a great place to stretch your legs. Take a walk through the Mountain Farm Museum and see historic log cabins that were relocated here from several places within the park.  2014-06-09Stroll this working farm to see an old homestead, meat house, blacksmith shed, barn, chicken houses, corncribs, animals and a growing garden. Informative exhibits have been placed throughout. Turn your trip to the park into a trip back in time.

Looking to extend the walk or have a dog that needs a break from the car? Take the Oconaluftee River Trail. This is a 1.5 mile trail that follows the river it is named after. Starting at the visitor center, you can follow it all the way back into Cherokee.

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