Get Your Fill

filling stationAfter almost 8 years  of serving Bryson City, The Filling Station has expanded! The original menu is the same, with lots of tasty hot pressed sandwiches, homemade soup and fresh salads with delicious dressings to go along with them. The expansion is called “Seats and Sweets”. That’s right! You can now sit down and eat.  The sweet part of the expansion continues on in the spirit of a true sandwich shop with frozen soft serve served between two cookies. The cookies are made in house! The dessert menu offers a large variety of flavors and options and like always, if you don’t see something you want, they’ll make it for you! Go for lunch and fill up with one of their classics like the Ethyl, Diesel, or No Lead. Then step to the counter and order a fix for your sweet tooth with something like a “Grab My Keys”, which is key lime soft serve on graham cookies. You can have it “hard top”, right out of the freezer or “convertible”, open faced and covered in whipped cream and sauce.

So go grab a seat! Hang out! Eat! They’ll treat ya like family even if it’s your first time there.





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