cork and beanWe know how it is. Life keeps moving and you have to keep up. In an age of emails and iphones, you have a chance to get away from town, from home, but you never really leave work. It goes with you. A company or client relies on you, whether you’re on vacation or not. But who says you can’t get a little work done while enjoying your surroundings. Bryson City can be a place to disappear when you need it most or a place to stay connected in the company of friendly locals. There are several coffee shops that offer wi-fi in our quaint downtown area. Start your “workation” out with a nitrite-free, local and free range breakfast sandwich and a cup of organic coffee at Cork & Bean. A chic place to sit quietly and take time for yourself or your company.  Need to check emails and grab a little lunch? Swing by Mountain Perks for a wrap or some homemade soup. Or you can make a stop at La Dolce Vita for  a little pick me up. On top of coffee and wi-fi, they offer some of the finest cookies and cupcakes in Bryson City.

So come write papers and proposals from a rocking chair on a deck overlooking the Smokies. Come reply to emails from a patio alongside the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad tracks.  We understand.


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