The Bryson City Chocolate Shoppe

choc shoppe for yr blogLocally owned and operated, The Chocolate Shoppe in Bryson City has been creating handmade candies in western North Carolina for over 17 years.  Chocolatier, Donna Rector, uses German recipes and techniques for her small batch chocolates. Given to her by the Drost family, these recipes have stood the test of time. They begin from scratch using only the freshest natural ingredients. Those who have tried their hand at making candy know how many variables there are in the process. A half-degree too hot or too cool and the whole batch is ruined. On top of remembering recipes for ten different varieties of fudge, each requires different cooking instructions and processing times can vary based on the weather!

Donna says, “making candy the old-fashioned way is a lot of work and extra effort, but the end products are well worth it.”  One bite and you’ll agree. Every Saturday, Donna comes out of the chocolate kitchen and makes fudge, caramel and toffee out front for all to see. She may even let ya try a bite while it’s still warm.

A candy store for kids and adults alike. The shop offers splendid truffles using real liquors and brandied cherries. Wine drinker? Coffee drinker? They can help you with pairings. Planning an event? They make plates and gift boxes for any occasions. Easter is just around the corner. Stop in now to find out how they can help you with your baskets!


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