Trail Magic

“Trail Magic” refers to a tradition of charity unto hikers. This is 299_30433462106_9435_ncommon on long trails such as the  Appalachian Trail where people hike for months on end. Trail magic is random acts of kindness offered to weary travelers from friends they have yet to meet. It is meant as hope and encouragement for their long journey. The AT is roughly 2180 miles long, starting in north Georgia and ending in Maine. 71 miles of that makes its way through the Smokies! Bryson City becomes a refueling and recharging destination for these hikers.

Spring break is here and we are starting to see north bounders. Lots of people are coming into town to eat, resupply, meet new people and enjoy craft beer. This weekend the  Nantahala Brewing Company heads into their 3rd year of Trail Magic Ale™ releases. Sure to please, Trail Magic #7 will be a Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout.  nbc logoThe first keg will be tapped  on Friday, March 14th at 6pm exclusively at the Tap Room in Bryson City. 8pm the same night there will be a beer bottle swap and live music by local favorites, The Liz Nance Trio.

The party will continue on Saturday, March 15 with limited release bottle sales at noon and live music with Solidier’s Heart  at 8pm.

Not feeling social? Rent a cabin with a view and take a growler of beer to go!


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