Favorite Cabin Amenities

When it comes to picking out a cabin that is going to help make you vacation the best it possibly can be what are the things that are required to do so? There are many different cabins that offer many different things, from comforts of home to endless home entertainment options. Below is a list of things that many of our cabins have and are usually the things people ask about when booking a cabin with us. Do you think these items make or break a cabin stay?

1. A View:

The mountains of North Carolina are know for the gorgeous views and View-from-Hottub-2everyone that stays in a rental cabin expects to get an amazing view, no matter what cabin they rent. However, what you have to understand about amazing views is that they usually come from the top of mountains which requires navigating a steep, narrow, winding road that leads to the cabin. These kinds of roads are normal for locals that live and work around them, but when you get someone who was expecting a quality paved road with guardrails then you get some surprised people. Cabins with views are also located further away from town and the activities that town has to offer, so it is hard to have both town access and great views. Even with all of the crazy driving that you might have to do the cabins that boast having these amazing views are amazing and provide guests with a unique since of tranquility and relaxation that you will not get in a hotel.

2. A Hot Tub

One of the most popular requests we get is if the cabin has a hot tub or not. Now days you will not find many cabins that do not have a hot tub, it is almost required if you want to be a rental option for most guests. Do hot tubs make a vacation more enjoyable though? They are a great place for the family to hang out after a day outside and relax and talk, or they can be a great item to keep the teenagers out of the house for a little peace and quiet, and the addition of a hot tub offering does not change the rental price all that much so if I were renting a cabin on the mountains I think hot tub would be one of the things on my list of wanted amenities. How about you?

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 10.47.13 AM3. Game Room/Pool Table/Man Cave

Many people think of a basement filled with a card table, pool table, foosball table, ping pong table, darts, and an endless supply of board games. Rooms like this can keep the family and especially the kids entertained for hours on end and can be essential for a big group renting a cabin. I personally do not find this a requirement for a cabin I was going to rent, however, I do love to play pool and that table would get used. Some house even have a wet bar that they offer to guests that are over the age of 21. This is a great amenity for those groups that are more adult couples or friends that are looking to entertain rather than families on vacation together. When it comes to the game room what do you think cabins should offer guests, and should all cabins have some sort of games available for renters?

4. Close to town

Vacationers to the mountains vary in their opinions about being out in the secluded beauty of nature or being close to all of the restaurants an activities that the nearby town has to offer. Many renters want the best of both worlds, and luckily for them most of our Yellow Rose Realty cabins can accommodate that request. For me I would like to be as far away for the hustle and bustle as I could and have the most perfect view encompassed by only the sounds of nature, but that is just me. The great thing about renting a cabin is that you get to find what works for you group or family and it does not matter what I would do.

These are a few of the things that come in to play when it comes to booking a vacation rental in the mountains. If there are things that you think are required that I missed please post them in a comment below. We would love to hear from you about what makes your vacation rental experience the most enjoyable when it come to the offered amenities.

To check out all of our cabins and what they offer visit us at: http://www.yellowroserealty.com/rentals.php

See you in the mountains soon!

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