Summer Mountain Vacation Photo Contest

The Yellow Rose Realty “Summer Mountain Vacation Photo Contest” starts on June 1st and we are excited to see all of the great photos that are going to be submitted! We love the mountains and we love to see the beauty and fun experienced here by all that visit, and that is what this contest is about, we want to see what you love about the mountains while showing off your photography YRRPhotoConPreskills. Once you enter a photo you need to get your friends to vote, and if you find another photo that you think is better than enter it the next day if you want. You will be able to enter one photo per day and vote once per day.

The prize is a 3 Day/2 Night stay in one of Yellow Rose Realty’s mountain cabins! To whoever wins this may be their second trip to the mountains in one year or maybe they were not able to come this year so they submit a photo from a previous year and win, now they get to come to the mountains! This is an awesome prize and we are excited to be able to offer it to all of our great fans!

The photos can be of anything in Western North Carolina that you think can win the most votes, however it needs to be “G” rated, from your vacation in the mountains, and from the summer months. Save you awesome fall photos for another photo contest later on in the year.

These are the basics of the contest, all the contest details are located in the “terms and conditions” section of the contest entry form. The contest can be accessed through our Facebook page (Yellow Rose Realty) or at this link (, so get those photos ready to submit and then make sure you inform your friends to vote!

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